Vinyl Transfer

Vinyl Transfer

Heat applied, fully washable and colour fast designs


Introduction to Vinyl Transfers:

Vinyl printing, or cad-cut, involves a computer – controlled blade which cuts the design out of the vinyl. Generally we would recommend screen printing but there are times when vinyl is more suitable for certain products.

Vinyl printing is generally limited to simple text and designs in a single colour. However, we can overlay different colours of vinyl to produce some cleaver effects.

How it’s done:

The artwork is required in a vector format which is produced in a software package such as Corel Draw/Illustrator. You may have these vectored files saved as an ai or eps file – you won’t be able to open this type of file from your graphic designer.

Once the artwork has been cut we remove the unwanted vinyl, this process is called weeding. Weeding is a time consuming and delicate process if the design has fine detail. This is why vinyl is only good for lettering and simple one colour designs.

Once the weeding is done and we are left with the design on its backing paper, we then transfer this onto the garment using an industrial heat press, at a temperature of 160c. We then remove the backing paper to reveal the finished garment.

As well as the standard coloured vinyl that we use we can also provide Flock, Patterned, Glitters, Metallic Foils and Full Colour Transfers.

Flock Printing

This method of printing is achieved using a flock vinyl which gives the design a 3D ‘furry’ finish to it. This flock material can be cut-out and applied to many different products. The beauty of flock printing is that it can be applied to the complete design or separate elements within your design to give individual elements a 3D effect, which helps them to stand out above the rest.

Glitter Printing

This is another style of vinyl printing which uses glitter vinyl. This is an excellent way of creating clothing and accessories which will stand out from the rest.

Glow in the Dark Printing

This is achieved by using a specialist glow in the dark vinyl that can be cut out and applied to various different products.

Camo Printing

This is an excellent way of creating unique clothing and accessories which draws attention to your products and ensures that they stand out.

Wild Printing

You can make your designs unique and colourful by using this specialised vinyl material. Wild printing allows you to create effects such as zebra and leopard or ‘graffiti style’ prints.

Full Colour Transfers

We print full colour transfers which can be cut into various shapes and sizes. These can be applied to both light and dark garments, the dark shirt transfers don’t allow the colour of the garment to show through. This type of custom printing is great for small orders or for one off custom design shirts, custom work shirts, stag nights, hen nights and promotional event clothing or accessories.

Our clothing transfers are high quality prints which we press onto your garment selection using extreme heat and pressure to make the print bond to the garment 100% thoroughly.


  • No Set Up Costs – means it is reasonably priced
  • Can be used on virtually all types of products
  • Can print up to A3 sized transfers
  • Perfect for letters and numbers
  • Fast to produce
  • Perfect for plain colour designs
  • Perfect for sports kits (such as football and rugby)
  • Transfers allow for full colour designs


  • Not ideal for high quantity orders
  • Pantone colour matching isn’t always available with the transfers
  • Makes the garment slightly heavier
  • Not breathable
  • Medium durability
  • Cannot achieve gradient designs

When would we recommend vinyl?

  • Individual names and numbers
  • Short runs, e.g. Stag and Hen Do T-Shirts or Samples
  • Multi-coloured logos that need to look bright and bold on dark backgrounds or on fabrics that have dyes that could otherwise bleed into the print
  • Nylon and technical fabrics, such as hi viz workwear, waterproofs, Gore-Tex and similar, umbrellas and bags
  • Fabrics that stretch such as Lycra or Spandex and leisurewear

Are Transfers Durable?

This method isn’t as durable as screen printing though the technology has come a long way in recent years. Please note however, with some treated garments – waterproof or Gore-Tex items – it is difficult to get vinyl designs to adhere. We do have a specialist product that will adhere to these types of products, however the life span of the print can sometimes be reduced.

Transfers are fully washable and colour fast at 30c in all popular washing products, however to ensure maximum life of the product, we recommend that you avoid hot washes and tumble drying where possible.

Proofing before work:

Nothing is left to chance. Whether it be an online order or direct, everything goes through a proofing process. We will take your instruction and relay it back to you for approval before we print or embroider anything. This way you will know for sure you are getting what you wanted.

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