Create full colour designs with a luxurious finish


Introduction to Embroidery:

This is the process where you are sewing digitised designs onto garments.

Once we have your logo / design set up as a digitised file that we can load into out computerised embroidery machine, we are able to replicate your design into stitches.  Embroidery works best on polo shirts, jackets, caps and knitwear.

Embroidered designs will usually outlast the garment, that it is applied to.

How can embroidery help you and your business?

Embroidered workwear is now an essential part of the marketing mix. You may provide the best service in town, but if you don’t look the part, people may presume you do not have what they are looking for.

We aim to offer high quality embroidered logos and names, at a reasonable price, with a high standard of customer service. All embroidery is completed in house which allows us complete quality control over your garments, which means we can keep you notified throughout the progress of your order.

A key advantage to having your garments personalised with embroidered branding is the professional appearance it creates. Whether it be on workwear, sports kits, school wear or anything you want to make a good impression with.

As well as embroidering the front left/right breast we can also embroider the sleeves, collars, pockets or the back of garments; anywhere you might want a logo, we will do all we can to accommodate. If you want to personalise your garments with names or initials we can add these to the workwear etc, for a small surcharge.

Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches are made by embroidering directly onto fabric – usually cotton drill. This is the traditional way of making patches that give the finished patch a raised/textured finish.

The most popular style of embroidered patch is a circular patch, however we are able to produce patches in various styles and sizes to suit your needs.

Embroidered patches were earlier a handmade product, but now they have been digitised and the quality has been finely tuned with the help of computerised machines. Our embroidery machine takes care of the finest details that are involved in the design as well as provide clean edges.

PROS- long lasting, looks expensive, full colour at no extra cost

CONS- more expensive than printing, especially for larger designs and not always suitable for very light materials


Proofing before work:

Nothing is left to chance. Whether it be an online order or direct, everything goes through a proofing process. We will take your instruction and relay it back to you for approval before we print or embroider anything. This way you will know for sure you are getting what you wanted.



Payment Methods