Bespoke Clothing

Bespoke Clothing

We are able to offer various ways for you to have a completely unique garment.

  • The first is having a completely bespoke garment made from the start, e.g. cycling jersey or rugby / football shirt
  • The second is to have your own branded labels printed or sown onto the garment

If you choose the completely bespoke option we will help you throughout the process. We would start by helping you put together your ideas to create a design, which would be put into a proof for you to approve before going into production. We will then provide you with a full sizing chart, depending on the style and fit you would like to have.

The lead time to have a bespoke order made is between 6-8 weeks from the date of ordering. There are minimums of 12 garments for bespoke clothing.

If you would like to re-brand a stock garment with your own labels / logos, that is also an option that we can provide. You can choose between a woven tag/label or a screen printed transfer.

The woven tag/label option is used to rebrand a stock garment. The most popular placement would be to remove the stock branded neck label and replace it with your own bespoke woven label. These woven care labels are a great way to add a professional retail quality finish to your garments. We can manufacture these labels in various styles and sizes to suit your requirements.

Another popular placement for your bespoke woven labels to be stitched into place, is along the hem. This is a great way to add that extra branding to your products and it can be applied to a wide range of garment types and placements.  

The screen printed transfer option involves the label that is in the garment to be removed and then your branded design to be printed into place. This is a quicker option than the stitching and is fully washable.

Proofing before work:

Nothing is left to chance. Whether it be an online order or direct, everything goes through a proofing process. We will take your instruction and relay it back to you for approval before we print or embroider anything. This way you will know for sure you are getting what you wanted.

Payment Methods